Niantic Drug Alcohol Rehab Rehabilitation Treatment Center Person Popular Coffee Shops Near Me – Best Place For Coffee & Tea for a Drug Alcohol Rehab Rehabilitation Treatment Center Expert in Niantic CT

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Cafe Sol
90 Reviews
Cafes, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea
346 Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

Lillian's Cafe
60 Reviews
374 Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

Giuliano's bakery
22 Reviews
284 Main St, East Lyme, CT 06357

Dunkin' Donuts
4 Reviews
Donuts, Coffee & Tea
255 Main, East Lyme, CT 06333

Gumdrops & Lollipops Candy, Ice Cream and Diner
53 Reviews
Candy Stores, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Diners
334 Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

Henny Penny Convenience Store
4 Reviews
Convenience Stores
168 W Main, East Lyme, CT 06333

Charlies Place
59 Reviews
American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch, Barbeque
26 W Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

Dunkin' Donuts
9 Reviews
Coffee & Tea, Donuts
211 Flanders Rd, Niantic, CT 06357

Fascia's Chocolates
29 Reviews
Tours, Chocolatiers & Shops, Gelato
44 Chase River Rd, Waterbury, CT 06704

O'Briens Sandwich Café
0 Reviews
Cafes, Sandwiches
Georges Court Shopping Centre, Georges St Unit 23, Waterford, 00000, Republic of Ireland

Finding a Coffee Shop For Drug Alcohol Rehab Rehabilitation Treatment Center Near Me in Niantic CT

Differentiate Between “Coffee Shop” and “Cafe”

One thing I learned living in Europe when I was younger was that not everywhere in the world has the same get in/get your stuff/get out culture that many places here in the United States have. Some of it comes from the fact that we’re all busy people, some of it comes from restaurants with high rent to pay looking to make the most money off of every seat they have, so churning them over is the best way to do it. Still, it’s not too hard to find someplace that’s more than happy to let you sit back and enjoy your time there as opposed to rush you out as soon as possible. The first thing you need to do is differentiate between those kind of “table churning” places and actual cafes that appreciate their customers not just their business.

Wherever you go though, you should follow some basic rules of etiquette when working in a coffee shop, like buying drinks and food every few hours, tipping well, resisting the urge to spread all of your stuff out over multiple seats, and using headphones when you need to listen to audio. Taking your phone calls outdoors instead of chatting loudly around other customers is a big one too. Being kind and courteous to everyone around you goes a long way towards creating a better environment for others working or just relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee, and pushes off the criticism of the “go home and work” crowd.

Drug Alcohol Rehab Rehabilitation Treatment Center Favorite Niantic Coffee Shops Open Late

There are many business owners who work from home and like to take advantage of coffee shops open late all around the city in order to set up shop outside of their normal office space in order to just network with other people and even meet clients.

We do it quite often throughout cities in Connecticut so its great to have a resource on Niantic coffee shops near me when out meeting clients in person (something a lot of Drug Alcohol Rehab Rehabilitation Treatment Center Niantic CT professionals don’t get to do).

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Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee ~ AJ Lee

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